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2018 Bible Students International Convention Szczyrk, Poland

8-12 August, 2018

The convention will be held August 8 through 12, 2018. The convention choir camp attendees will perform the evening of August 7th, the traditional start of the International Convention. The main place of our gathering will be the same as in 2016 – “Orle Gniazdo” [Eagle’s Nest] Conference Center in Szczyrk, Poland, near Bielsko-Biala.

Address of the center:
ul. Wrzosowa 28 A43-370 Szczyrk   www.orle-gniazdo.pl

The conference center owes this unique, almost Biblical name to its location at the top of one of the highest hills surrounding the town, about one mile from its center. This spot – far from the city commotion, traffic, distracting billboards and crowds of tourists – turned out to be a real blessing for those seeking peace, quiet and solitude, at the same time longing for the intimate fellowship focused around God’s Word. These advantages of Eagle’s Nest led us to once again select this location for our International Convention for the third time!

In 2016, the convention had what looks like a record number in attendance, with the high count coming over the weekend, with 1301! What a truly amazing experience to be with so many of The Lord’s people at once, and being represented thus from 17 different countries!

Below are the “North American/English speaking” committee members, already at work on next year’s program. They may be contacted at the following email addresses:

Mark Davis – Chairman: lmkdavis@earthlink.net
Ray Charlton – Secretary: randscharlton@bigpond.com
Marcin Wardak – Treasurer: mtwardak@verizon.net
Adam Kopczyk – Discourse Translation: adamkopczyk@yahoo.com.au
Gary Johnson – Communications/Newsletter: father_of_lights@hotmail.com
 Theresa Kuehmichel-Registrar: Theresa.kuehmichel@gmail.com
 *John Bivol – Assistant registrar: johnbivol@yahoo.com *(Alternate)
General Information:

Daily schedule: 9am to 6pm- Lunch from 1-3pm-Dinner 6pm

Evenings will have “extra” scheduled studies or presentations.

Friday afternoon will be opened for excursions, free time, and/or possible choir performances in the village.

We are planning to hold both chorus and study seminars pre-convention at Eagles Nest starting on Friday, 3 August thru 7 August.  Bro. Tim Krupa is planning to serve as chorus director for the chorus seminar with the chorus once again opening the convention on Tuesday evening August 07.

There is a plan for excursions on Friday afternoon to places like Auschwitz.

Also we have our two convention speakers, Bros. Bob Goodman and Ric Cunningham. Plus, a

USA panel topic, “70 Years for Israel” is planned.

We have full confidence that brethren attending in 2018, will experience many blessings, making precious memories to last a lifetime! We look forward to your attendance! God bless your considerations!