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2018 Bible Students Choir-Seminar General Information

August 3 - August 7, 2018

A wise man once said, “God respects me when I work, but He loves me when I sing!”  Both the Old and New Testaments are filled with admonitions to praise our Heavenly Father.  Sometimes we emphasize our studies and religious arguments and forget that our lives must also always be full of praise to God.

For those of you who love to sing and possibly play instruments, we have an opportunity to praise God and to ENHANCE THE EXPERIENCE of many brethren attending the International Convention.  We are hoping that many of the attendees will for a long time remember song services and music of praise, whose importance will not be underestimated at this gathering.

Here are some of the opportunities of musical service:

1-  A five day, PRE-CONVENTION CHOIR gathering to prepare a musical service for Tuesday evening, the opening service of the convention.  To prepare for this service we will practice 3 times a day for approximately one hour each session for the first four days and the last day will be Tuesday when we present the service in the evening.

During this choir gathering a series of Bible studies will also take place, organized together with the participants of the seminar that will be held at the same time.

2- A five day, DURING THE CONVENTION CHOIR to prepare for a CLOSING musical service for the last day of the convention, Sunday.  This choir should include all of those who sang in the Pre-Convention Choir AND many brethren who arrived for 5 day convention.

3- Consideration is being given to a short concert to be held in a local venue, advertised and open to the public.  This would be optional for any who have participated in either of the two choirs.

WHO IS INVITED TO SING:  First, you have to do this out of love. Love for God especially and additionally love of music.  Trust me, the music will not be technically difficult.  The goal is to reach the hearts of the listeners and to do that the music first has to reach the hearts of the singers.  If that happens, God will truly be praised.  So, don’t be afraid that you aren’t good enough.  Your acceptance to either choir is based on LOVE, not technical skill or previous training.  One of the advantages of singing with a large group is that there are lots of other voices to support you.  You are going to be amazed at the beautiful music we are going to make.


Also part of the music plan for the convention will be that both choirs and the congregational singing will be accompanied by the usual keyboard plus our brethren playing musical instruments.  Some instruments fit into this category better than others.  I am especially looking for players of stringed instruments, like violin and cello and for players of the brass instruments, like trumpet, trombone, baritone.  I personally will be part of the brass section and plan to bring my trombone.  I’m hoping a large number of you musicians will join me.  Other instruments like flute, clarinet, saxophone, etc. are also well suited to what we plan.  If you play an instrument and wonder if you should bring it, you can ask Br. Matteusz Szarkowicz, who will be our assistant director.

Keep in mind that we consider the congregational singing an important part of the convention and this effort will be organized and orderly directed in a musical fashion.  It will not be dis-organized, with players coming and going as they please.


It is our prayer that the 2018 Convention will long be remembered for its spiritual blessings and a wonderful part of those blessing will be remembered as the music provided.  Praise God and as one of our favorite musicians once said, “To God alone be the glory.”

Thank you for considering this invitation to join us in praising God.

Br. Tim Krupa,
Cannon Beach, Oregon, USA
Contact information:
Mateusz Szarkowicz
Tim Krupa