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2018 Bible Students International Convention Szczyrk, Poland

Trip After Convention

For those that plan to travel after the convention, here we have more information:

1.The trip will begin Monday 13th of August and will end Sunday 19th of August. The trip will start in Szczyrk and will end in Krakow
2.We will travel along south of Poland visiting multiple ecclesias on the way.
3.We plan to visit many interesting places like Salt Mine in Wieliczka, cities like Krakow, Zamosc, Lublin and Warszawa. We would like to see places of martydrom from II WW like Belzec and Majdanek in Lublin. We also have plan to visit beautiful gardens and places of interest.
4.There are brethren in ecclesias on the way which are happy to accommodate our travelling brethren in their homes or affordable hotels. We would like to organize evening meetings with brethren possibly every second day in ecclessias like Krakow, Plesna, Bilgoraj, Lublin and Warszawa.
5.We will finish our trip in Warszawa or Krakow, it will depend on which airport travelling brethren will depart home. We suggest that you plan your trip so leaving Poland will fall on Monday the 20th of August.
6.Total cost of the trip will be around (maximum) $350-400 per person. Payment will be made directly to brethren in Poland.